Private and Semi-Private Training

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Not a fan of big groups? Tuff Love Fitness Collective offers private and semi-private classes for self-defense, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Ginastica Natural and fitness! Perfect for individuals who would feel more comfortable in a smaller setting or would like to take a class with a friend or family member.

The only differences between a private and semi-private class are the number of people in the class and the cost. A private is a one on one session, where as semi-private class consists of 2-4 people. Rates are:

Private Rate:
-$80/per hour/per person

Semi-Private Rates: 
-$110/per hour for 2 people
-$120/per hour for 3-4 people

 *Shortly after purchasing, you'll receive an email from Tuff Love Fitness to schedule your session.