Yoga Instructor - Mindi Marcus

Mindi’s devotion and enthusiasm for Yoga and Ayurveda are contagious. Her stimulating and attentive classes emphasize the importance of tuning into your own breath and body. Drawing from her experience with Ayurveda, Mindi customizes classes according to individuals’ Ayurvedic constitutions and changing seasons. The attention to the individual dynamics of each student fosters a more integrated and connective experience for the practitioner.  Mindi asserts, “let the breath be your guide” and leads her students to discover the freedom and awareness that comes from connecting body, mind, and spirit through breath.

Mindi was introduced to yoga 10 years ago as a means to increase flexibility and heal from debilitating anxiety and Panic Disorder.  Yoga fostered a new relationship with her body and allowed her to acknowledge the sensations of anxiety without getting swept away by the stories around it. She now has an incredible tool to tap into when sensations of anxiety show up. Mindi has found yoga to be an incredible system for living more fully and with intention She now feels the presence of yoga in all areas of her life.

Mindi’s relationship with Yoga and Ayurveda has been shaped through the guidance of her teachers, Alice Joanou, Kameko Shibata, Janet Stone, Vinod Kumar Rajan, and Dr. Chitralekha Krishnamurty. She has also studied and worked with James Fox of The Prison Yoga Project and The Art of Yoga Project.

In 2016, after years of dedicated practice, Mindi traveled to India for six months to further deepen her studies. In India she explored Ayurvedic Philosophy, Nutrition, Cooking and Bodywork. She studied traditional Hatha Yoga, Astanga, Yoga and Philosophy, and Vipassana Meditation. India has brought Mindi even deeper on her path, and she greatly anticipates sharing what she has learned.

Mindi’s classes are a balanced combination of dynamic movement with breath and stillness. She incorporates aspects of traditional Hatha Yoga with the flow of Vinyasa Krama, pranayama, kriyas, and meditation. She enjoys preparing the body for the more challenging postures, including deep back bends, arm balances, and inversions.





Mondays & Wednesdays, 9-10:30am

Thursday, 6:30-8pm



The Shadow Office

308 15th St, Oakland, 94612



$15/per class

Privates available