United She Stands

Reviving the women’s Jiu-jitsu community

As we face a global pandemic, Jiu-jitsu schools throughout the world have been forced to shut their doors. And yet now more than ever there’s a need for social connection and well-being to help combat the pandemic as well as aid in rebuilding and recovery.

Sweaty Betties and Girls in Gis Join Forces 
Sweaty Betties and Girls in Gis, two of the oldest women’s Jiu-jitsu groups in the United States, have joined forces to launch the “United She Stands” project in order to provide opportunities to cultivate a supportive, motivating and unifying culture to help our community get through these uncertain times. We believe that by coming together we all benefit. Together, women can do more, go further and change the world for the better.

Project Scope and Vision
Our goal is to foster a network that allows women and girls of Jiu-jitsu to connect, support and learn from one another through online training.  We also aim to advocate and support women as instructors and leaders within the Jiu-jitsu community by providing paid teaching opportunities. United She Stands debuted on May 17, 2019.


  • Zoom workshop with Professor Gezary Matuda on Saturday, January 30, 10-11:30am PST. To register, click HERE.