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Preparation is the best form of self-defense!

Self-defense is more than knowing how to fight back against a physical attack. Our workshop series teaches you how to think in terms of choices and options while developing awareness, assertiveness skills and practice for physical self-defense techniques.

Our training offers:

• Safety strategies, assertiveness skills and physical self-defense techniques.

• Awareness of specific vulnerabilities and issues of women and girls.

• Classes designed with women's experiences, strength and capabilities in mind.

• A focus on sexual assault and domestic violence prevention.

• Designed to empower women and girls to prevent crime and victimization.

We will also teach you the most reliable self-defense techniques for the most common attack situations women encounters ranging from grab attacks without warning to being pinned on the ground by an armed assailant. Rather than relying on strength to defend against a stronger opponent, you will learn the basic techniques of Martial Arts such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that includes the principles of leverage, timing and energy efficiency. As a bonus, you will get a great workout! Regardless of your age, weight, or fitness level you can learn the techniques of self-defense while gaining an increased sense of personal confidence and empowerment. Women and girls ages 9+ are welcome. No experience required.Classes are designed to teach a specific self-defense technique with skills building over time, such as a set of awareness, safety strategies and physical techniques that will help you to prevent, escape and survive assaults. Each class starts with a series of warm-up exercises, followed by instruction in a specific skill with technique practice with a partner. The class ends with partner drills to build confidence and strengthen reflexes.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a grappling martial art that emphasizes technique and leverage over sheer physical strength. With knowledge of BJJ, a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend against a bigger, stronger, heavier assailant by using leverage, timing and energy efficiency.

Private and semi-private workshops available



8-Week Women's Self-Defense Workshop at Emeryville Community Services (March 6-April 24)

3-Week Women's Self-defense Workshop at Guardian Gym (June 3, June 17, June 24)

8-Week Women's Self-defense Workshop at Emeryville Community Service (May 8-July 3)

8-Week Women's Self-defense Workshop at Emeryville Community Service (August 7-October 2)


Do you want to move with efficiency, power and grace? Step up your fitness game and move like you have never moved before! Transform the way you look and feel with Ginastica Natural.

What is Ginastica Natural?

Ginastica Natural improves range of motion while simultaneously building strength and flexibility. Ginastica Natural uses both the muscle and cardiovascular systems in a complementary manner. It is a complete bodyweight training method that fuses Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ground movements with Hatha yoga principles. This training system, developed over a period of 30 years, combines strength and conditioning exercises utilizing body weight, stretching techniques to increase flexibility, simulation of animal movements to enhance balance and body control, with meditative breathing exercises.

Ginastica Natural benefits both the body and mind, helping you to move better, and in a more flexible and fluid way. Elevate your overall well-being with improved strength, endurance, mobility, core stability, balance, coordination, focus and breath control. Practitioners develop greater muscle tone and core-strength.

Ginastica Natural is great for everyone, no matter your fitness level: competitive athletes, weekend warriors but also people suffering from repetitive stress injuries or the aches and pains from everyday life.

Private and semi-private training available. 


Strap on your runners, it’s time to take it outside!

Tuff Love Fitness is a Bay Area meet-up fitness group that loves to mix movement with fun. We meet once a week for an hour beyond the walls of the gym. However, we also offer indoor training (if the weather turns!) so you never miss a session.

Squat. Sit-up. Run. Jump. Lift. Kick. Sweat. This class is designed to strengthen your body from the inside out, while blasting calories and building muscles. This fun and efficient class is a perfect combination of endurance training, balance, strength, agility, and multi-joint and multi-muscle exercises to help you with everyday activities and sports.

Please check our Facebook page for dates, locations and directions.


Amy Arata is a certified massage therapist specializing in advanced neuromuscular therapy and sports massage therapy. To book a massage appointment with Amy, please email her directly.


Dr. Josuke Tanaka specializes in sport injuries, concussion, nutritional counseling, learning & behavioral disorders, and neurological rehabilitation. To book a chiropractic appointment with Dr. Tanaka, call at (310) 895-4887.

Spring 2017


6pm - 7:15pm
Guardian Gym
Oakland, CA


KIDS JIU-JITSU (Mollii co-teaching)
4pm - 5pm
Guardian Gym
Oakland, CA

7pm - 8pm
Four Elements Fitness
Oakland, CA


9am - 10am
Guardian Gym
Oakland, CA

10am - 11am
Four Elements Fitness
Oakland, CA


10am - 11am
Guardian Gym
Oakland, CA