Amy Arata




Amy Arata, CMT, NMT, NKT
Massage Therapist

Amy is a certified massage therapist specializing in Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy and Sports Massage Therapy. She has special understanding of the unique needs of athletes having over 10 years of experience training in a diverse array of martial art such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Sanshou, Muay Thai, and Kyokushin Karate. She has served as the official Massage Therapist for the San Francisco Bulls Pro Hockey team and works with professional athletes such as the NFL's Oakland Raiders during their football season as well as numerous other off-season NFL players, professional MMA and UFC fighters, martial arts competitors, as well as with corporate offices, law enforcement personnel, prenatal clients, and the elderly.

Amy comes to massage therapy with a deep knowledge and understanding of the human body’s intricate mechanics as well as its miraculous ability to heal. From a young age she had been an active athlete and martial artist, but also drawn to meditation and acupressure. After years of strenuous athletic performance and the many injuries that came with it, her interest in the healing arts grew. Having a natural ability for bodywork, she became an esteemed graduate of the National Holistic Institute's Core Program and Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy program totaling 1,350 hours of health educator training in massage and bodywork. She graduated both programs with all honors and awards of excellence achievable, and her career has been bustling ever since.

While Amy specializes in Advanced Neuromuscluar Therapy (trigger points and their specific pain referral patterns), her approach is very “East meets West.” She has an unending thirst for knowledge in anatomy and kinesiology to accelerate healing from a clinical perspective, as well as a strong appreciation of the deep and significant healing that comes with energy work. Amy's personal style of bodywork is that of a thorough Sports Massage with attention to detail to reach the deepest layers of tension while also being intuitive and sensitive at all times. She encourages communication and feedback during her sessions. Each session is tailored to fit the client's needs at whatever state of health they are in.

A typical session can be either detailed focus work on one or two specific areas of dysfunction, or a general full body massage for basic maintenance and health. During your session, Amy may utilize techniques derived from Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai Massage, Myofascial therapies, trigger point work, sports massage, lymphatic drainage massage, and energy work. Amy's bodywork style remains dependable and consistent while always continuing her education in a wide range of studies such as Neurokinetic Therapy, Ortho Bionomy, Applied Yoga Integration, Concept Therapy, and Personal Fitness Training. She is also trained in burn scar massage therapy, and is a member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals.

Whether you are in pursuit of chronic or acute pain relief, injury rehabilitation, or preventative maintenance bodywork, Amy possesses the knowledge and skills to facilitate healing and bring your body back into balance.