FREE Fierce and Fit: Martial Arts and Movement Online Class

We’re Bringing the Training to You for FREE! 

The Girls and Women’s Self-Defense Non-profit Program is reinventing itself during this pandemic. To slow the spread of the coronavirus, we are canceling our in-person workshops and shifting online until shelter in place is lifted. 

If you are looking to embark on some self-improvement, stay fit while stuck at home or would like a refresher course, consider taking our free online Fierce and Fit: Martial Arts and Movement course. This online course will be taught by a seasoned female Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. 

Fierce and Fit is a solo full-body workout that will have you moving, while at the same time learning the core self-defense movements of our Girls and Women's Self-Defense program. The class integrates physical education and self-defense techniques with conditioning and skill-oriented drills aimed at improving coordination, motor skills, agility and flexibility. 

Fierce and Fit includes the following areas of focus:

  • Stretching/Warm-up: Get loose and get ready.
  • Footwork: Fight stance essentials and dynamic movement preparation.
  • Lower Body: Kicks, knees, lunges and booty sculpt.
  • Core: Plyometric and isometric routines to tone the midsection.
  • Groundwork: Break falls, scooting, shrimping, technical standup and submission drills for fight readiness.
  • Cool Down: Stretch, regroup, and get ready to do it all over again!

To register for a class, please follow the links attached to the dates.

*SAT, MAY 9, 11-12P
*SAT, MAY 23, 11-12P